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Why Kat?
As well as being an extremely talented (and in my opinion, underrated) actress, Kat has always shown herself to be a polite, thoughtful and respectful human being. These qualities set her apart from many other ‘celebrities’ these days and I want this site to show support to Kat and her career.

Do you know Kat?
No. Kat is on twitter and although we have exchanged tweets, I do not know her personally. She has always been kind enough to tweet her fans which is appreciated.

Future plans for the site?
To keep supporting Kat and her projects. If I can do that, I am happy.

Are you looking for any co-webs?
Right now, I am not. But if you do have any content you want to share, I would greatly appreciate you sending it in. I will credit you for the find!

Can I use your content on my site/blog etc?
Sure! Take whatever you like. All I ask is you credit kat-foster.com for the find as it takes time and effort to find the pictures and information, so crediting is polite!

Can you get Kat to follow me on twitter or email me?
I can’t. Kat should only follow people she wants to (after all, it is her twitter account!) and her email address would be private, so please respect that.

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