Kat Foster on the Myth of Romantic Chemistry

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HitFix: So talk to me a bit about what the conceit of this show does in terms of your character and how she’s different in each of the two versions of the story.

Kat Foster: That’s a really good question. So, you know, my husband, who’s played by Kyle Howard, he and I are in every episode. We’re the only two characters that are in every one. The other cast alternates week to week. And so his family is much more conservative and buttoned up and slightly passive aggressive and wealthier and more traditionally WASPy, if you will. And my family, we’re Irish so we’re much more hot-blooded. Ed Begley plays my dad and so he’s always losing his temper. And my mom is kind of a wacky character who on the surface seems really, really bubbly and nice but then we find out she goes to the gun range on weekends and stuff. And my sisters are total wackadoos. One of them is completely like promiscuous and the other one’s like has a major anger issue and like can never choose an identity. And so, Kyle’s family first. We shot them all together and so going through that it was really for my character it was really about, “What are my boundaries?” Like, “What am I okay with and what am I not okay with and how do I negotiate being in a relationship with this family that’s also sort of now my family in kind of a peaceful positive way even though they are such differences there?” And truthfully like I’ve never gotten along with my mother-in-law but we try and be pleasant. And then with my family, the difficulty has to do with navigating what, who I am versus who they are. Like I am slightly from a more crazy kind of hippie-ish background but how do I still maintain my individuated self among the codependent enmeshed craziness that is my family. [READ THE FULL INTERVIEW AT HITFIX]

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