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“It’d be so nice, I sometimes think, if I could just move to a nice neighborhood far away from New York or Los Angeles and marry an amazing guy and write a book or take care of our children.”

“Men change their minds all the time; it’s just that either they don’t talk about it or they have too much pride to admit their indecision.”

“I’d like to think that disagreements don’t lead to a win and a loss but rather to a mutually agreed upon outcome, where both parties can be happy with whatever decision has been reached.”

(on her character in “Til Death”) “I’m really out there. And I see, you know, just crazy stuff everywhere. And I’m, I don’t know, just promiscuous and I’ve had such a breadth of experience that’s kind of wild and crazy.”

(on the show “Til Death”) “I think we just have a really good time. I feel like the writing is fantastic and is getting better and better and more quirky and specific. And it’s a great show.”

(on her character Steph in season two of “Til Death”) “But what we learned was that I’ve done a lot of naughtier stuff in my past. We learn about all the men I’ve been with and all of the drug I’ve done. All sorts of things.”

“I will not ever do a reality TV show. Not that I don’t watch them.”

“So, call us crazy, but you have to give us women credit for going after exactly what we want and not being afraid to speak up and express what’s in our minds and hearts, no matter how “crazy” it might make us seem to the men with whom we share our lives.”

“Overall, I believe the notion that “men can’t win” is a silly cliché. I even hate to utter the statement, because most of the time I don’t think it’s true — at all. Men win all the time. In good relationships, partners communicate and make compromises and sometimes fight and then have makeup sex and everybody wins.”

“But more and more, it seems that I am actually like Steph in real life. Or maybe it’s just that Steph is becoming more like me. And I don’t mind that. So, Steph and I both have had some wild times. I don’t regret anything and neither would she.”

“But I’d always add that even though Steph was nothing like me in real life, she was actually, in some ways, living my secret fantasy life.”

“So from now on, I’m working on feeling hot no matter what I’m wearing. Outwardly carrying the confidence of my inner stripper, I mean “dancer”.”

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